“Service. Service. Service. Service. They are a service driven company. To have that in a partner, in a vendor, it’s truly truly rare. [Especially] to the level that ABC provides it for us.”
- Jimmy Sansone

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“It really streamlines what we are trying to do as fitness people. We’re not in the billing business, we’re in the fitness business.”
- Spencer McDaniel

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“The Conversion to ABC was superior to any other that I have been through in my 24 year industry career. They made it a priority to fully understand our business and what we needed. Unparalleled customer service from outstanding individuals and a true commitment to their customers like no one else.”
- Mike Alpert

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“We decided to go with ABC over other software companies because they seemed to be the forerunner in innovation and taking advantage of latest technologies. They had robust collection expertise and were able to offer us an overall improvement in our software platform and features offered.”
- Kris Peterson

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“To have a billing company that really stands with you and help you run your business day-to-day is incredible. I don’t think there is any other billing company out there that has provided the level of support that ABC does. To me it’s a no brainer.”
- Dave Gurnsey

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“After being in the industry since 1985 and working with many different softwares, DataTrak has proven to be the best software package we have worked with.”
- Pleasant Lewis

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“Conversions with multiple locations is frightening. The support ABC Financial provided left us with almost nothing to do on our end.”
- Dan Collins

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“ABC handled our conversion to their system with patience and professionalism. The entire ABC staff has been polite, knowledgeable and available. Conversions are never without challenges. How a company responds to those challenges tells us a great deal about their values. ABC values its customers. Their systems work as advertised.”
- Blair McHaney

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“The reporting features are far superior to any we have had before. With better and more information, our managers have an easier time managing their staff and their club.”
-Steve Sweener

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“I am continually impressed with ABC. They are constantly improving their business, offering innovative new products and services that can help health club operators run their businesses better. They truly measure their success by the success of their clients.”
- Eric Buckner

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