Simple & Secure Health Club Payment Processing

Specialized Health Club Billing From ABC Financial

Want to attract and retain quality clients while reducing your payment processing costs? Worried about keeping your client’s financial information secured against cyber-attacks and fraud? With industry-leading PCI-compliant health club and gym billing software from ABC Financial, you’ll enjoy increased profits, fewer delinquent accounts and increased credibility with your members – guaranteed.
Here at ABC Financial, we understand the unique challenges facing gym managers and health club owners – that’s why we’ve custom-designed the most versatile, robust and secure health club and gym billing software suite in the industry. We’re dedicated to delivering an unbeatable combination of advanced technology and unparalleled, round-the-clock customer support to provide you with simple, secure billing and payment processing services for your fitness club.

Automated Billing & Electronic Fund Transfer Services

Managing a thriving gym is hard work, but thanks to our health club and gym billing software, collecting fees from your members is easy. We offer professional, customizable automated health club billing that lets you focus your time and energy on increasing member satisfaction and club profits, rather than wasting time worrying about printing invoices and recovering dues.
Tired of tracking down delinquent members, manually processing payments and preparing lengthy deposit statements? With ABC’s fully automated health club payment processing services and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), you’ll enjoy smooth, seamless bill processing delivered through our secure e-billing system.

Not only does our health club and gym payment processing software free up your time and resources, ABC’s health club payment processing helps protect and improve your relationships with your club members by replacing traditional, in-club billing and payment systems with remote health club payment processing. With automatic health club payment processing, your front desk staff are free to focus on delivering quality service and club promotion, rather than worrying about collecting fees from your clients.

Safe, Secure PCI-Compliant Payment Processing

Cyber-security is a major concern for your clients – provide the peace-of-mind they demand with our top tier, Level 1 PCI compliant payment processing system. ABC’s team of in-house technical experts ensure our health club and gym payment processing software remains fully compliant with the latest digital security protocols, and our health club payment processing team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to monitor all our systems in real time.

As the leading provider of health club and gym payment processing software, ABC Financial is committed to delivering industry-specific payment processing services that are fully compliant with all applicable regulatory guidelines. All of ABC’s services are designed to meet the requirements of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, protecting you against any claims that may arise from your health club payment processing and collection actions.

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