Mike Escobedo

In his role as Chief Customer Officer, Mike is responsible for delivering an engaging, proactive relationship with our clients that embodies true partnership. Whether it’s our client’s first day with ABC Financial, or they are several years into our relationship, his passion is ensuring we deeply understand our clients’ business, their growth strategies, and provide them with every available tool needed to succeed. His teams consist of highly skilled professionals who are business-leaders, industry experts, specialize in ABC Financial’s software, and share the overall vision of ensuring our clients become and remain Raving Fans!

Mike brings several years of executive management experience in the fitness industry, as well as working with many Fortune 500 companies, specifically in areas of client support and customer relations. He has held numerous leadership roles in both private and public sectors.

Mike’s collegiate studies include Computer Science at MTI School of Business & Technology, as well as Business Administration at California State University Sacramento.

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