March 25, 2014
Fitness Trends

2014 Fitness Trending Toward a Fresh Workout for You

By: Hope Osborn Are you tired of your old fitness routine and need something to liven it up again? I know mine needs revitalizing. Maybe we need to switch it up and find out what is new and exciting for 2014 in the fitness world. One way to […]
April 16, 2014
Hydrating Yourself Into Shape

Are You Hydrating Yourself Into Shape?

By: Hope Osborn You finish up at the office for the day, hop in your car, and, head on over to the gym for your workout. Finishing up, you take a long satisfyingly refreshing drink of your favorite beverage … Stop right there! Maybe you have had a […]
April 16, 2014
Fitness and Social Media Trends

Fitness and Social Media Trends

By: Lacey Thacker Social media, once just a way to keep in touch with friends and share photos, has now crept in to almost every part of life. We use it to share events, log where we’ve been, and get discounts on retail. It’s even become part of […]
April 25, 2014
Best Ways To Make Sure You Stay Hydrated

Best Ways To Make Sure You Stay Hydrated During Your Workouts

By: Steven Thrash Dehydration can happen to anyone. It takes place when your body loses more fluid than you can take in to compensate. If your body isn’t hydrated, it can’t carry out all its necessary functions and your body can actually shut down. There’s nothing to worry […]