Seas & Associates Celebrates its First Year of Service

May 1, 2014

By: Sal Corrente
Director of Customer Relations- Seas & Associates, LLC

On May 16th Seas & Associates will be celebrating its one year anniversary! As with any business, you learn what you didn’t know, you make adjustments and you move forward. We have learned a lot about the needs of our clients and the different views they have regarding bad debt paper. Our training efforts continue to refine the skills of our representatives so they function as member retention specialists instead of collectors.

Throughout my tenure at ABC Financial Services, we were never a true debt collection company.  This has been an educational and interesting experience dealing with a different side of the same issue. Seas & Associates was started with the intent to bring a fresh, unique approach to bad debt collections.  The first step for us is to identify if the member is even aware that their membership was interrupted.  Once we have that information, we put forth our best effort to reinstate their membership and get them back in the club with a renewed commitment to fitness and your facility.

What we have found over the last year is that many clubs have been willing to write off bad debt rather than pursue it out of fear; fear of how the member would be spoken to and how their business would be perceived.  Our business model allows clubs to pursue what is rightfully owed to them without the fear of repercussions and has enabled us to reinstate over 1,000 members back into facilities.

We look forward to our 2nd year in business and continuing our work to change the perception and reality of bad debt collections. If you have any questions in regards to our seamless integration with ABC and our commitment to treat your members with dignity and respect, please contact me at (866) 992-8951 or via email at