How Seas and Associates can help you

March 4, 2014

By: Sal Corrente
Director of Customer Relations- Seas & Associates, LLC

At SEAS and Associates, we are happy to be approaching our one year anniversary! As with any new company, each day has been a learning experience. To maximize our success, we altered our strategy based on customer and consumer feedback. We are improving every day with retention and collections; and we believe it is because our primary goal has always been to “treat your members with dignity and respect”.
We are especially proud of how many clubs have chosen Seas and Associates to contact their members, attempt to reinstate their accounts and collect money on their behalf. Most of them were not using a bad debt agency at all.  If you are a club with members that aren’t paying you, and you are concerned with the approach taken to collect and retain; Seas was created with you in mind. It is our belief that the way your members are interacted with will determine whether or not they will agree to payment of the debt and reinstate their account.
Another area of concern that we occasionally encounter is a potential client who doesn’t believe that money is owed to them if they sell month-to-month memberships. It is our belief that if the member didn’t cancel in accordance with their agreement terms and conditions, then the debt is valid.  I am personally not aware of any health club that has a policy implying that a month-to-month agreement is cancelled once it is 30 days past due. In many cases, we find out that the member didn’t even know that their membership had been interrupted and is open to reinstating it.  With the number of credit cards members have and the regularity of them changing, it is very possible that it slipped their mind to update their billing information.  Since the debt is owed to you and it may be a total oversight of the member, doesn’t it make sense to at least make an attempt to reinstate the member and collect the debt?
If you would like to discuss how SEAS and Associates can help you please contact Sal Corrente at (866) 992-8951 or via email at