Can your business afford to NOT market?

July 8, 2016

By: Sal Corrente, Seas and Associates

For over 19 years, I have been visiting or speaking to Health Club Owners and the major topic of discussion is sales and generation of income. Questions come in many forms:

  • How do I get more people in the door?
  • How do I get those people to make a commitment to the facility?
  • How should I restructure my pricing?

What I find very interesting is when I question many club owners on what much their marketing budget is, many times it falls under the heading of WE CANT AFFORD TO MARKET.

When you are in business, marketing isn’t a luxury expense; it is a necessity. You have to start marketing immediately and never stop. My personal belief is that when you think it’s time to start marketing that’s when you increase your budget by 20%. There are numerous ways to use marketing dollars but to expect success in a sales environment without them is not realistic.

I become even more surprised when I find out that clubs that fit this criteria aren’t using a bad debt company. Why not let the same people that broke their promise to your facility help you get new members back in the facility with unexpected revenue that you can use in some form of marketing?

While no one likes dealing with bad debt situations, it is part of being a business owner unless you run an all cash all upfront business. So give consideration to these things when you are wondering if you should pursue individuals who let you and your paying members down.

At Seas and Associates we are now 3 years old and have generated millions of dollars back in to the health club industry along with thousands of reinstatements all while protecting your brand through our dignified and respectful approach.

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Sal Corrente
Director of Customer Relations