Positive Experience Bad Debt Collection with Seas & Associates

October 7, 2014

By: Sal Corrente
Director of Customer Relations- Seas & Associates, LLC

If you are a club owner that is making more than you know what to do with, this email is not for you, feel free to stop reading now. If you are a club owner who could use more revenue with minimal or no effort and have a desire to increase member retention then please continue reading.

Have you been hesitant to use a bad debt collector in the past? Is it because you aren’t sure what impact, positive or negative, the debt collector will make? Have you heard PAY UP OR ELSE horror stories? At Seas and Associates, we understand your hesitation and are here to help. We have found that many health club owners forego money owed to their clubs to avoid damaging their reputation, particularly in smaller communities. Seas wants to alleviate these concerns with our fresh approach to bad debt collections. We believe that in today’s economic climate that compassion, along with dignity and respect will get you a lot further in reinstating members and collecting money.

Seas and Associates is ABC Financial Services preferred vendor for debt collection. We have worked with ABC to develop a streamlined system that allows us to reinstate your member over the phone without any club interaction. This key part of our value proposition allows club owners to focus resources on club activities while Seas does all the heavy lifting; getting delinquent members back into your clubs in good standing. We know that many clubs have taken the position that collecting 100% of your money isn’t possible. While that is true, maximizing retention and collections is something that every club owner has to consider to remain viable. Let Seas and Associates strengthen your member base with our one-of-a-kind approach to debt collection.

Seas & Associates also takes every step to ensure compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) to avoid any possible litigation against your club and any affiliates. In addition, Seas takes very seriously, compliance with additional state laws pertaining to the collection of debt. Our friendly, dignified, understanding approach to debt collection will not only ensure compliance with federal and state laws, but also create a positive experience for your members, keeping your club’s reputation intact, build your club’s member retention and streamline revenue for your club that may not have been an option before.

If you would like to know more about Seas and Associates and how our program works, please contact Sal Corrente at (866)992-8951 or email Sal at sal.corrente@seasandassoc.com.

Yours in health,

Seas and Associates