May 26, 2015
Show Me The Money

Show me the money!

By: Mary Craig Many clubs have a turnover rate of 15-20% per year or higher. People leave because they lose interest, they have health or financial problems, they move away, or because they are no longer being served by the club and what it has to offer. Some […]
May 26, 2015

Netpulse “Wearables” webcast recording

By: Netpulse During this timely webinar on wearables, John (CO-CEO of Netpulse), gave a fantastic overview of the landscape of wearables opportunities for clubs, specific examples of how clubs use wearables, as well as some actionable steps on how to “get on the grid” (if you don’t know […]
May 26, 2015
Gym Sales Slump

Are You Just Getting Started in Gym Sales? Are You a Veteran in a Slump?

By: Jim Thomas I see too many new hires get started in this business with no real game plan on how to begin. I see too many gym salespeople who have been doing this for quite some time that have become stagnate. Owners get frustrated and so do […]
May 26, 2015
Financial Musts

5 Financial Musts for Any Fitness Business

By: Melissa Knowles CEO/Co-Founder at Gym HQ Gym HQ is very lucky to have a financial veteran at the helm of our accounting ship.  CFO John Lewin has been crunching numbers for over 30 years; the last 7 of which have been for fitness businesses.  But regardless of […]