Nikki Roe

As a member of an all-woman’s facility in Cape Cod, MA, Nikki Roe’s career in the fitness industry began in 2002 with a short-lived dream of becoming a personal trainer after a two-day, traveling certification course. The gym owner quickly transitioned Nikki into membership sales where her natural skillsets facilitated her move into the Sales Manager role.

In 2004, Nikki was presented with an opportunity to join the Thomas Plummer Company (now known as the National Fitness Business Alliance) where her employment began with cold-call attendance sales and onsite assistance for their traveling business seminars. This organization proved to be a career springboard as Nikki was afforded the opportunity to work with and learn from a great diversity of health club owners and operators across the country, gaining a deeper understanding of all facets of running a fitness center. By the time she left the National Fitness Business Alliance in 2007, she’d become a featured speaker for their traveling seminars and fitness industry events, as well as the liaison to influential vendors working with the organization.

In 2007, ABC Financial brought Nikki onboard as a National Sales Director, focusing her on expanding a company that was already experiencing dramatic growth. 2012 was when Nikki made the shift into the Client Management Department, stepping away from client acquisition and dedicating her efforts on forging lifelong client relationships. Her efforts, industry experience, and understanding of ABC led to a promotion to Vice President of Client Relations in the Spring of 2015. Nikki now spends her time as Sr VP of Franchise Relations deepening the client relationships that define ABC by developing a dedicated team of individuals, intent upon creating “raving fans” for life.