Jill Dozier

Jill Dozier has been the Chief Operations Officer of ABC Financial since 2008 and oversees day-to-day activities of the Operations Division. Of particular note is her role in leading the Data Processing area and Customer Care Center.

Dozier has had the unique opportunity to grow with the company. Her first position with ABC was as a Customer Service Representative in 1991 when ABC was in the early stages of transformation. In her time with ABC , Jill has served in leadership roles and assisted in developing many different areas of the company by serving as an integral part of the team that has led ABC to be the preeminent company that it is today.

FAST, FRIENDLY, and HELPFUL service is the first order of business in Dozier’s area and what she emphasizes most to her employees. She enjoys the opportunity to work with clients and members to answer their questions and concerns and to make sure that ABC is providing them with the information and service they deserve.

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