Jill Dozier

Serving as the Chief Operations Officer at ABC Financial since 2008, Jill is responsible for the day-to-day activities of the Operations Division including the Customer Care, Client Support, Technical Support, and Offline Maintenance. Combined, the Operations Division consists of over 400 remote employees working in several different states.

With over 27 years of ABC experience, Jill has had the opportunity to serve in many different areas of the company. Starting as a Customer Service Representative in 1991, Jill gained extensive knowledge of ABC Financial’s product and services. This knowledge along with her leadership skills has allowed her to assist with the development of several key areas within the company that has led ABC Financial to be the preeminent company that it is today.

Jill is extremely passionate about providing FAST and FRIENDLY service. Above all else, Jill strives to create ‘the Best Customer Service organization in the world!”

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