Introducing Seas & Associates

August 30, 2013

By: Sal Corrente
Director of Customer Relations- Seas & Associates

Based on feedback from Club Owners, Seas & Associates was created by ABC Financial to fill a void in the approach to health and fitness collections. Seas & Associates is an improved version of what the health club industry recognizes as bad debt collections.

Through years of experience in the health club industry, we have found that many members stop paying for their memberships for reasons other than lack of funds. This realization was instrumental in our understanding that the fitness industry needed a different approach to retaining members and settling account discrepancies.

The reality of the current economic climate means that members face real obstacles related to paying their delinquent accounts. The old school style of harsh tones and threats isn’t as effective as it used to be and has become a thing of the past. Here at Seas & Associates, we use a softer (kinder/gentler) approach with a primary focus of reinstating the member. We realize that recovering as much money as possible is a priority for clubs; however membership reinstatements provide a better experience for members and is more profitable for clubs. Additionally, reinstatements help to minimize negative community feedback and prevent social media attacks.

As we are learning in this electronic age, members just don’t tell 10 friends, they tell the world and bad publicity lasts forever in the cloud. If you’re currently not using a bad debt collector, or if you are interested in learning more about Seas & Associates, please contact Sal Corrente at 866.992.8951 or via email at