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With web-based gym software application MYiCLUBonline, prospects can join your club and your current members can manage their classes, see their appointments and review their history of check-ins and purchases. Current members can also verify and update their account information. MYiCLUBonline appears seamlessly from your own club’s website or from a dedicated site customized to your brand. MYiCLUBonline is available in a free Basic version and in a robust Premium version, for a small monthly fee. Unlike stand-alone brands of scheduling software, MYiCLUBonline is fully integrated with ABC Financial’s DataTrak Club Management Software, which eliminates the need to make duplicate entries of member information.


Our free Basic version of web-based Club Management Software application MYiCLUBonline allows your current members to update account information such as mailing address, phone numbers and e-mail addresses. Members can also review their billing history, check for payments due, make payments and schedule future payments. For more information or to begin using this feature, please contact your Account Executive at 888-622-6290.
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Our Premium version of web-based gym software application MYiCLUBonline includes all the features of our free version, plus much more. With MYiCLUBonline Premium, prospects can join your club online, and your current members can update their account information, manage their class schedule, review their past check-ins and purchases, and print reports on their usage activity. Members can schedule their classes and keep track of their personal training appointments at multiple locations of your club. They can even elect to receive email and text-message reminders* so they don’t miss anything. A great solution to the no-show problem! For more information or to begin using this feature, please contact your Account Executive at 888-622-6290.

*Email and text-messaging reminders require a club’s subscription to ABC Financial’s email and texting services.
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