DataTrak Health Club Management Software

Put the industry's leading club management software to work for you with DataTrak from ABC Financial.

Benefits of DataTrak Health Club Management Software

  • Centralize all your data in one secure database that is accessible from the internet
  • Put an end to data corruption! Database maintenance and redundant back-ups are provided automatically
  • Get continuous development for new product features and updates, with no additional add-on fees
  • DataTrak is now available in Spanish; providing an easy-to-use alternative for employees who are more comfortable working in Spanish

Below is a listing of the top DataTrak features. For more information, please see our DataTrak brochure (pdf) Verision Español. If you need more detailed information about DataTrak, please call our sales line at 1-800-551-9733 or request a demo of our health club management software. DataTrak is highly configurable, so contact us now to see how it can benefit your club!

Prospective Members

• Enter prospects and guests
• Assign priority and salesperson
• Track marketing campaigns
• Monitor conversion rates
• Discover and source why a prospect visited your club
• Convert prospect to member with ease

Electronic Membership Agreements

• Capture signatures digitally
• Save money with completely paperless process
• Email agreements to members automatically
• Customize agreements to fit your sales process
• Take photo and book member orientation
• Customize payment plans and templates

Member Check-In

• Check-in members with barcode key tag, key fob, pin code or name search
• Sub one-second check-in
• Get automated and custom alerts

Member Management

• View, add and delete invoices
• Cancel and freeze memberships
• View complete member history
• Update member information in real time
• Store documents with paperless files
• Increase ease of sales with virtual wallet for multiple payment methods

Kid's Club

• Attach children to members with picture of member and child for verification and security
• Note allergies or special needs
• Monitor legal childcare limits, guardian pick-up verification and attendance tracking for better decision-making



• Specializes in point-of-sale transactions for food and beverage sales
• Members will have the ability to use their DataTrak Club Account/House Charge to pay for MICROS point-of-sale transactions

Point of Sale

• Track petty cash
• Ring up items by barcode, buttons or search
• Sales can be associated to a member
• Charge to house account or card on file
• View and return items from previous sales
• Two-click point of sale transactions
• Email receipt

Member Facing Event Enrollment

• Make use of fast and easy kiosk class and event check-in while verifying attendance
• Log accurate enrollment numbers
• Make use of instructor clock-in/out via kiosk

Schedule Management

• Manage departmental calendars
• Track services, classes and sales opportunities
• Automate trainer commission and payroll
• Track and verify member’s class attendance and appointments
• Manage multiple calendars and locations
• Verify pin code or biometric session
• Send event reminders via email/text and completed session “thank you” emails

Recurring Services

• Bill service sessions monthly and automatically add new sessions for member use
• Create service memberships – month to month or term length
• Apply session expiration dates
• Hold session availability for redemption until fully funded
• Customize packages, plans and templates

Electronic Member Documents

• Store paperless forms for cancellations, freezes and waivers
• Allow members to sign electronically
• Store information automatically on member’s record


• Sign up and enroll prospects online
• Use promotion codes for corporate or special offers
• Make MYiCLUBonline fit your club’s brand
• Manage accounts (billing information, view and print check-in history)
• Make or schedule payments
• Schedule classes and other services
• Purchase and book personal training

Inventory Management

• Create catalog items and deploy to clubs
• Re-stock and adjust quantities on hand
• Track vendors and unit cost
• Print UPC labels for items
• Control re-stock levels, loss prevention and rapid re-stock

Employee Management

• Create, view and manage employees
• Group employees by department
• Set employee or departmental level security
• Figure commission on percent or flat rate
• Benefit from integrated time clock
• Choose unlimited commission options based on how you run your business

Employee Portal

• View trainer schedule, set, reschedule or cancel appointments, as well as download and print calendar
• Ability to mark appointments as complete
• Employees can identify hours of availability
• Add additional notes to scheduled clients/appointments
• Access via web or mobile portals

Gift Cards

Gift Cards

• Fully integrated
• Load cards with specific dollar amounts
• Use cards company-wide
• Customize cards to your brand

Locker Management

• View integrated locker inventory
• Access combinations online with one click
• Track maintenance history

Mobile App

fitness club software app

• By partnering with Netpulse we provide custom apps that give members maximum engagement with your club experience
• Members can check-in, register for classes, book appointments, manage their account, make payments and purchase services with their card on file from their phone
• Send special offers, promotions and club news with push alert notifications
• Use built-in tracking tools to keep your members engaged


• Uses easy-to-read graphs and charts
• View progress against goals
• Make better decisions – at your fingertips
• Get snapshot looks at daily, weekly and monthly goals

PCI Compliancy

PCI Compliancy

Click here to view ABC Financial’s PCI DSS validation.
• Get top tier, Level 1 PCI compliance
• Protect sensitive information with an encrypted system that is regularly tested for vulnerabilities
• Use interactive Voice Response system to update sensitive information through the phone
• All software is password protected

Report Management

• Create unlimited custom reports
• Report on one club or a group of clubs
• Schedule reports to run automatically with results emailed
• View reports in Excel, PDF or CSV file formats
• Get controlled employee access via security roll assigned

Disaster Recovery

Health Club Software Disaster Recovery Plan

• Access duplicate systems across two physical data centers
• Get initial recovery for the system within 30 minutes
• Get complete system recovery within 4 hours
• Connects employees to customer service systems remotely if primary facility is lost
• Benefit from a complete system disaster recovery test conducted once a year by ABC

If you need more detailed information about DataTrak, please call our sales line at 1-800-551-9733 or request a demo of our gym management software. DataTrak is highly configurable, so contact us now to see how it can benefit your club!

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