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The Advantages Your Club Has

By: Michael Scott Scudder Founder/CEO of Fitness Business Council I don’t write promotional articles often…it just ain’t my style. But this one is way too timely and illustrates the ADVANTAGES OF YOUR CLUB…and YOU MAY NOT EVEN RECOGNIZE THEM! Allow me to veer off for a few sentences. One thing that is for certain you must know by...
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Get Members, Keep Members, Notify Members

Get Members, Keep Members, Notify Members By: Mary Craig Of course, keeping your current club members is much easier than getting brand new ones? It’s true. Your members are already invested; now all you have to do is to continue to show and add value to keep them! Our Professional Services Team offers club marketing tools that...
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Get Ready, Set … Goal!

By: Hope Osborn Like any other day, members sign in for personal training, class, or to hit the weight machines, and others sign up for new membership. People are at your gym to meet personal goals. The new client, who doesn’t regularly exercise, may be motivated to develop healthier habits because of a recent experience. The...
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By: Hope Osborn Last April a fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas killed 15 people. The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration cited the owners with 24 violations, including, according to an October 2013 New York Times article, “unsafe handling and storage of explosive and flammable chemicals, missing labels on storage tanks, failing to pressure-test hoses,...
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Instant Revenue Generation

By: Kelly Sweeney President of Club Apps Looking for a way to drive revenue this summer? What if you could send your members promotions that allows them to purchase on the spot with their card on file? Club Apps Health Club Software for Smartphones   This is the power of push...
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What’s the #1 Problem for your Gym? OBSCURITY!

By: Jim Thomas President/Founder of Fitness Management and Consulting That’s right! We see it frequently in clubs. No one knows that you’re out there and those that do don’t have you at top of mind. Many clubs are only doing a couple things to drive guest traffic and most do not have a specific plan for retention....
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