Seas is turning TWO

May 5, 2015

By: Sal Corrente

On May 16th Seas and Associates will be celebrating their 2nd Anniversary in business. We are very appreciative of the clubs that have given us the chance to prove our different approach to the aggressive form of collections that left many people discouraged. We are now ABC Financial Services’ sole preferred vendor for member reinstatement and collection. Seas and Associates has acquired a new software vendor that has given us enhanced features and the ability to email reports instead of going through the portal to retrieve them.

The one promise we made when starting this business was to bring a different product to the marketplace. ABC clients had told us they did not want the traditional approach which was based around fear and ridicule. We were asked to bring a different product to the market place. It is very important that we meet the goals and standards we have set in place, and many clients assured us we are meeting and exceeding our goals.

Many enhancements have been made at Seas and Associates. We now send out letters with two different languages with English on one side and Spanish on the other. Also, we are able to track in club reinstatements in addition to reinstatements we secure over the phone. Our integration with ABC Financial allows payments to be posted in the system without difficulty. This information has been tracked and we have found that an average of 65% of the members who make a payment at the club are also reinstating their memberships while there.

Our reinstatement numbers are higher than ever which leads to more future dollars for your club and less financial impact for our work. All I ask for is 15 minutes of your time to explain why we are a more logical solution for your business than your current provider. If you aren’t making any efforts on your collections than I will be glad to discuss the money you are leaving on the table and member reinstatements that you might be losing.

Please contact me at:

Sal Corrente
Director of Customer Relations

Seas and Associates, LLC.
Collections Department
PO Box 15174
Little Rock, AR 72231
Toll Free: 1-866-277-2933 Ext. 1021
Local: 501-515-5006