3 Years of Success: Seas & Associates

March 7, 2016

By: Sal Corrente

May 2016 will mark Seas and Associates third year of business. During this time, we’ve collected money and reinstated members for over 500 clubs. When we started, our goal was to help clubs while protecting their brand. It became clear the main concern for the majority of clubs was their reputation while pursuing unpaid debts. We are happy to be able to reinstate members, problem free at the club level. While our goal has been to increase reinstatement numbers, we have far beyond exceeded expectations.

By expanding our letter program for our customers, we’ve seen great success. We are still a new business, so adjustments are being made to our business model as we gather historical data and measure results.

In the last year, we expanded our business model to include personal training to support customers that want to participate. It’s a different business model than the standard health club memberships. We have rolled it out in a pilot program and now we are ready to make it available to all customers of ABC Financial Services.

As market share is decreasing and revenue is tougher to come by, the hard decision to ask people for money has to be considered. Whether you’re from a small town or a large city, Seas and Associates understands that reputation is very important. We always conduct business with that in mind, to protect your brand and we are very proud of our success in this area. If you would like to learn how Seas and Associates can assist you with your Membership Dues and Personal Training revenue, contact Sal Corrente at 310-466-01263.